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NUA stands for Nothing Unnecessary Added. A promise we have for every product we make. No fillers and no unnecessary ingredients. If we can’t tell you exactly why the ingredient is there and what it does to benefit the product, we don’t add it.

You’re entitled to return the unopened product to us within 14 days of receipt. Contact for details. Please note that we cannot accept the return of items which have been opened or part-consumed.

Yes you can, our packages are 100% recyclable! One of our goals at NUA is to eventually be as environmentally sustainable as possible.As a small business trying to find the most environmentally friendly and food grade safe package can be tricky. We’re aware that we may not be perfect to start, but as we grow we are committed on making that goal a reality. We will take you along this journey with us!

All NUA products contain no refined sugar. We only use a small amount of natural plant based sweeteners.

All our products are produced in a factory that is BRC, ISO9001, ISO22000, GMP, HACCP accredited. These are all internationally recognised marks of food safety and quality.

We often get asked “doesn’t protein make you bulky?” the simple answer is no! If that’s what you want then it can help but it needs to be backed up with a pretty intensive weight training plan. For most of us protein powder is just a great way of getting the nutrients we need to help our bodies maintain muscle, repair itself and stay strong and healthy.

A high protein diet can reduce appetite and help you avoid snacking between meals, which of course can help you achieve your weight loss goals. However, using the powder alone won’t make you lose weight. You also need to be burning more fuel than you’re taking on, eating a balanced varied diet and exercising regularly. Of course our Protein will help you reach those goals, but there’s also a bigger picture.

You use your muscles, not only when you workout, but in your day to day life. It’s not a bad thing, it’s good. Breaking your muscle mass down and rebuilding it makes you stronger, and burns calories. It happens every day. It’s happening right now! At NUA we love a post workout shake, but we equally love adding it into our morning smoothie or mid-afternoon snack to keep us fuller for longer.

We spent a long time formulating our protein to taste great with just water. That said, they also taste amazing with various non-dairy milks such as oat and almond, or other waters such as coconut, or just regular cows milk. Our personal favourite is oat milk! We recommend using 250ml of liquid but add more or less depending on how thick you like your shake.

Yes, this is no problem at all. It’s perfectly fine to heat or cook with any of our protein blends. Protein pancakes, porridge, brownies, you name it! Follow us on instagram for our favourite recipes, or tag us in yours @nua_health